Saturday, March 10, 2012

Peyton Manning: The way you play the game

As Peyton Manning leaves the Colts, many think on the impact he's had on the team and city.  I enjoyed reading ESPN Rick Reilly's ode to Peyton because of two reasons.  First, it underlines Peyton's discipline and hard work for the game.  Peyton demonstrated integrity and lived to his own standard rather then buying into the hype and developing complacency and ego common in professional athletes.  Secondly, we see that Peyton really is a normal guy who hasn't been changed by his success.  It's all too easy for reality to get distorted but you see that Peyton truly enjoys drinking cheap domestic beer with his friends and singing bad karaoke--all the while demonstrating class and patience to his many fans.

Wherever he goes, I'm sure his work ethic and integrity will allow him to accomplish more things than others in his situation.

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