Sunday, December 25, 2011

Will Smith: Two tips for success--"Running and Reading"

With upcoming films Men In Black 3 and I Am Legend 2, Will Smith will be re-emerging again into the public scene.  From his beginnings on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the public has been able to see Smith develop and transition between music, tv, and film modalities to build his career.

What few people realize is that Will Smith is a very deliberate man.  One example is that early on he recognized that profitable movies tended to be ones with impressive special effects. His careful role selection caused many including Forbes magazine to consider him one of the top profitable actors in Hollywood today.

Smith's success can be attributed to two activities: reading and running.

He explains that in running, there is inevitably a time when it becomes difficult to go on.  Learning to defeat the discouraging voice inside teaches us how not to quit when things get hard in life. 

His second point is that reading allows us to learn from others' experience.  Because there is nothing new under the sun, Smith believes that there have been countless others who can provide us with wisdom, experience, and encouragement to see us through any problem or hardship in life.

What ways can you develop your own resolve through regular practice?  
If you could learn from the life experiences of one person who would that be?  If that person is dead, is there an autobiography or biography that can be read? 

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